30 Days

Pudong Skyline by Huangpu River, view from the Bund

That’s how long we’ve been calling Shanghai home.

It felt like forever by now. Everyone has fast pace in this city made everyday goes by in lightning speed. We’ve been through 2 New Years Celebration by now (Latin and Lunar) with several holidays in between. Our daily routine has been adjusted, back to work  for Hubby,  school for Little Miss and as for me … depends on what time my yoga class end.

Got acquainted with several close friends from previous countries we used to lived in which was superb, its great to have our path crossed again and catching up just like the old days. Made some new friends as well through my daughter school, husband work place and my gym.

Explored this humongous city one corner at a time with the family, getting new experience and feeling the love. I’m getting better with directions and areas nearby our apartment which is a great peace of mind. Had several opportunity to go for photo walk with my photography buddy that I really enjoyed and last but not least, we are adapting to Shanghai cold winter quite nicely. My 6 years old will put on her thermal shirt and legging beneath her school uniform without checking with me anymore, she knows how to stay warm in this climate, layers and layers of clothing!

There are times when I wish I could jet off to Bangkok to pick up some certain items from certain place (since I haven’t found it here) or call a friend for coffee and chat in the coffee shop that I like but hey, life goes on. Eventually I will find my items and a new place to meet up with my friends somewhere here in Shanghai, perseverance is the key.

Until then, I’ll keep you posted.