Sunday at Century Park

“Good morning Mami, look its sunny outside, let’s go to the park!

That was my daughter excitedly came to my bedroom with her demand of the day. After several rainy days finally we have sunshine peeking through the clouds, definitely great time to go out and about. She’s been waiting for this moment since we’ve got her a new scooter couple days earlier, actually both of us got new scooter and we’ve been looking forward to take it for a spin *winks*

The park that she meant is the Century Park which is located immediately in the opposite of our apartment, at the east end of the Century Boulevard. It is the largest ecological park in Shanghai covers a total area of 140.3 hectares approximately. It mainly consists of large lawns, forests, and lakes. The park is great for running and walking or  hire tandem bicycles & cycling-cars to travel through it.  Entrance to the park costs 10 yuan, although prices are raised during the ‘golden week’ holiday periods (children are free). It has tennis court, soccer fields, boats and children’s amusement facilities. Plenty of space for family picnic and it also has groceries shop which neatly numbered in strategic location.

So off we go exploring the park after breakfast, Little Miss and I with our scooter and hubby walk briskly behind us. The sun didn’t stay for long but we’re in good spirit, after half an hour we didn’t feel the cold wind anymore, it was so much fun!

Among the park visitors we saw several kite flyer, fishermen and lots of photographers. My Husband and I were using our iPhones to take pictures and videos, it came out perfect but I can see myself frequenting the park with my camera in spring time, or whenever the weather permit.

Little Miss and her Dad went for some rides at the children amusement corner, she was having a blast!

My favorite part of the park is the Bird Island where you can feed the pigeons, they were so friendly and will eat any food you give them out of your hand. Little Miss were a bit hesitance to feed them in the beginning but then she gets the hang of it.

Here is the link to the video, all credit goes to Hubby, of course. He is the Movie Director in the family, gracias mi amor.

Last but not least, a little note from my daughter to the Grandparents, we are thinking of you.