Feel Good Food

In my case, it has to be spicy (the hotter the better), preferably with savory in the morning and sweet from noon onwards.

Am I picky about my food?

Sometimes but I love to be in the kitchen, cooking and baking is my forte. Nothing beat the satisfaction of presenting the best meal ever to my family and friend. It is a long process (plan the menu, finding the ingredients, cooking, cleaning) but its really therapeutic for me, I love creating new things or perfecting my personal favorite recipe in my kitchen, wherever it is (yup, my kitchen moved location quite often).

When we live in Bali I didn’t cook much because we were newly married and by living in the hotel we were spoiled with options. I start baking instead, from muffins to cookies and the big hit was my Toblerone Brownies. Then we moved to Jakarta and my daughter was around 2 years old when I started baking cupcakes, a hobby that  get really out of hand becoming a great online business opportunity, I was featured on national newspaper, TV, magazines and making lots of new friends along the way. The next move was Bangkok, I was still baking cupcakes but in smaller scale, between taking my daughter to school, exploring the city and photography I was very busy. Now, we are in Shanghai, the boxes haven’t arrived yet, my mixer is still somewhere in the open sea, can’t bake without my baking toys (I could but I’m using this as an excuse haha) and can’t cook without my trustworthy pressure cooker either. Our family is only eating out now, must say the truth I do enjoy the “kitchen” break.

Shanghai is HUGE city, so many delicious food, so many great restaurants and places to eat. I love Chinese food and what a great place to be but so far haven’t ventured out to try local delicacy, i.e. Stinky Tofu, I cant stand the smell, can’t even go near it, seen it on TV but that’s about it, case closed. I do like Shanghainese Xiao Long Bao (steamed bun) but I love JiaoZi (dumplings).

JiaoZi  typically consist of minced meat and vegetable fillings wrapped in thin round flour dough skins which are then sealed and pleated by hand. The types of filling are numerous, including pork, beef, mutton, seafood, fish, chicken, cabbage and Chinese chives, with more combinations of these ingredients.

Above picture is GuoTie “pan – fried dumplings” (also known as pot sticker) served with vinegar and chili sauce for dipping, they are truly delicious. My daughter could eat 6 of these in one seating 🙂

Below is Huntuns (Mandarin) or Wonton (Cantonese) it is dumpling with thinner, silkier skins made from wheat flour. They are boiled and served in clear broth, with or without noodles.

I could eat dumplings for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

It is in my top list of preferred food in the menu for this winter but recently I am  also very fond of freshly baked Egg – tart (Egg Custard Tart) Hong Kong style made of puff pastry filled with a rich custard that is much eggier and less creamy than English custard tarts. It is piping hot , crispy in the outside and soft in the middle, its savory with a tiny hint of sweetness just perfect with black coffee.

Now, for those of you who haven’t been to our house probably didn’t know this but our family loves snacking (especially yours truly here), we always have snacks in our pantry. Mostly rice crackers, seaweed, chocolate bars and chips. When I go for supermarket errands nowadays I spent the longest time in the snacks aisle, it is fascinating to see the range of products they have that are made locally. My recent discovery are the Potato Chips with interesting flavors, I was smiling from ear to ear when I found  one that said “Numb and Spicy Hot Pot Flavor” which promise to be  “Intense and Stimulating” !!!

Of course I need to get it (ate it last night, was not as spicy as the chili and lime chips made in Thailand but spicy enough for my liking), the same company also made Cheese and lobster flavor, Mexican tomato flavor, French Chicken Flavor but I’m definitely saying goodbye to original flavor, its not adventurous enough teheee.

Alright, all this food writing made me hungry, lunch anyone?