Temporary Kitchen

Our current service apartment kitchen is really excellent (oven, microwave, electric stove, dishwashing machine and spacious too) but it lack personality. That is right, my container is almost in Shanghai so hopefully soon I can call it MY kitchen.

Every couple of weeks or so I’ve been having this urge to go to the kitchen and make something, since my equipment is limited (I am spoiled, can you tell haha) my first attempt was baking Toblerone Brownies for the Indonesian ladies lunch one Thursday afternoon, the result was surprisingly great, considering I’m relying on the actual oven thermometer only. Here is the picture of it …

Yup, it was delicious and we polished them off within 2 hours 🙂

Then last weekend I found Okra aka Lady Fingers at the supermarket, my Husband loves Okra so I decided to cook Bamia (his Mom recipe) with Organic Spring-chicken for dinner, it was a big success.

But honestly, I do miss a taste of my country food so when I saw the butcher has imported oxtail on the counter I nearly jump for joy, yes it is Sup Buntut in the menu (Indonesian Oxtail Soup). I normally cook Oxtail with my trustworthy pressure cooker (Hubby got me 3 WMF in Medium, Large and Extra Large size) but this time I’m only using a stainless steel pot and some very basic ingredients, nevertheless 3 hours later … tadaaaa …

There you go, temporary kitchen do works!

The only downside so far is my new rice cooker, it is playing game with me, I tried cooking rice once, twice … failed. I’m gonna need to ask one of the nice reception lady at the lobby downstairs to translate all the buttons for me (its in Chinese character!)  but for now room service rice is fine.

Selamat makan!