The Lens Guy

Recently I’ve noticed that some of my pictures that I took during day time has small grey dots in them. I cleaned my camera lenses regularly (otherwise Hubby will give me a sarcastic reminder) so it must be the camera censor. I’ve read so many photography sites on how to clean it but I’m not dare to do so on my own. Then I stumbled to Wang Zhi Jie name when I search for the best place in Shanghai to clean sensor and lenses, everybody in Shanghai Flick’r group rave about him so I told Hubby that I would like to go and see him.

His shop is in Xing Guang Photographic Equipment Store on the 4th floor, he was very friendly and pleasant. In less than 10 minutes my camera sensor was all cleaned, one happy customer here!

Here is yours truly with the lens guy 🙂

If you ever in Shanghai and needs to clean your camera lenses he is the guy, more details about him in here, good luck!