Funky Hair Day

My 6 years old was reminding me daily for almost a week about this school event, she said ” Mami, I want pretty hair-do please.”

I know exactly what I will do to her wavy medium length hair, tiny little braids the night before then open it just before she left for school in the morning, very do-able. Come Thursday evening she sit patiently to get the braids done by yours truly, it took me over an hour to do so, she went to bed all excited.

The next morning after getting dressed she wants to keep the braids on ” I don’t want funky hair-do Mami, I want PRETTY!”

Alright, pretty it is then. I went to school with her that morning to see what other kids up to with their hair, I was in for a good photo moments!

Yup, the boys are surely into Mohawks, uber cool! Loads of wigs and colored hair spray to be seen, in every color imaginable even the teacher take their parts too.

I’ve seen several kids with food in their hair, below is Alexis with different kind of gummy bear as part of her hair-do, I ask her if she gonna share the sweets after she said “No, I put heaps of hairspray on it to keep it altogether!”

But my kudos goes to this girl that seems to have no problem using garlic and green chili as part of her hair do, very original!

Anyway, Little Miss come home after school all happy, she told me she got house points for her “pretty” hair-do, another one to the collection 🙂