Picnic at Century Park

Before we all leave for school spring break, a few of the Moms from school and I agreed to meet up for a play date at the park with kiddos on Easter weekend. Since the weather is getting warmer and the cherry blossoms are blooming (picture here Hello Spring) it is perfect for a picnic.

My daughter first picnic in Shanghai!

She was all excited, we packed the plastic easter egg filled with chocolate (found them at commodity market, they were so colorful with cute pattern on it, great short cut!) also the double baked chocolate cookies that we made the day before, Hubby got her rollerblades in his backpack, some juice, plastic mat, camera and off we go with our scooters.

Clearly, we were not the only group that is going to the park for picnic that day, it was busy! After 15 minutes searching for a quiet corner with a touch of shade we found a good spot. The children were having a blast doing easter egg hunting, playing tug of war, roller blading, running around and enjoying the sweets (loads of them!) while parents soaking up the sun and catch up.