Guyi Garden

Every other week my better half and I went to explore Shanghai on weekday when Little Miss is in school. We love to take a long walk  or go to a new place. This week we looked at Trip Advisor and decided to go to Guyi Garden.

Located in Nan Xiang Town, Jiading area (about 21 km from the city centre), Guyi Garden is one of the five most important classical gardens of  Shanghai. The garden was originally owned by magistrate Min Shiji during the Jiajing era (1522–1566) of the Ming Dinasty. After passing through various private hands, it was extensively re-modelled in 1746, during the Qing Dinasty. In 1789, the local gentry pooled funds and purchased the garden to serve as the spiritual home of the patron deity of the prefecture, associated with the local City God Temple. The garden then become communal property, and saw the addition of various pavilions and shrines, as well as the opening of shops, taverns and restaurants.

The five main features of Guyi Garden are stretches of bamboo forest, winding brooks, ancient buildings, couplets written on scrolls and artistic pavements. It is really pretty, delicate, and elegant.

Here is my better half with his GoPro camera, filming the garden

And a picture of us taken with the same camera using the uber cool stick 🙂