Chinese Grand Prix 2012

What a lovely treat to watch Chinese Grand Prix in Shanghai on a fine weekend, thanks to Hubby.

We’ve got an awesome seats right in front of the pit stops, plenty of action all day long. It was my first time watching Grand Prix in a circuit and Little Miss got the privilege to tag along. My first reaction when we were seated; overwhelmed! So much energy around me, the fast car with beautiful design, the loud noise of powerful engine, the smell of burn tyres, the hype of the fans and the fact that all of the famous Formula 1 driver that I only read on world wide web or see on TV is right there in front of my very eyes.

When the race about to start, my heart was filled with excitement, I don’t have any favorite team or particular driver that I want to win but I’m looking forward to get some cool panning shot. Below are some of my favorite shot of the day (no touch up, no photoshop, what you see is what my lens captured)

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If you ever been to a Formula 1 race you will know how fast these cars are hence not an easy object to capture. Just to give you an idea below is a short video that I took with my iPhone

The winner of the race was Nico Rosberg from team Mercedez Benz (in white shirt below), runner up was Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton came the 3rd (both are team McLaren).

Overall, amazing experience. Like my daughter said “I really LOVE fast car!!!”