Hello & Goodbye

My daughter school teacher told me a week ago that one of the student in their class is leaving next week so they gonna organize a small farewell party for him. When Little Miss got home yesterday I asked her if she knows Druva, she said ” Yes Mami, he’s the boy that is going to leave the school and not coming back.”

Then I become a little bit nosy, “Did you spend time playing with him at school?” which got a very fast answer from her “He’s a BOY! No, I don’t play with him!”

At this point, I burst up laughing and she raised her eyebrows “What?”

I can’t stop laughing.

At the age of 6 she’s been to 5 schools, 2 in Jakarta (playgroup and Nursery), 2 in Bangkok (Kindergarten & Year 1) and the current one in Shanghai. She has some very close friends in all the schools and all of them are girls. She loves to have Tea Party play date and playing Princess. She told me that in school the boys are playing rough, they punch, push and fight with each other so she doesn’t want to get close to them. I remember several time she got back from school with bruises (was accidentally trip or bumped to  a classmate) and it’s always happen to be  a boy, so I rest my case.

For her, it doesn’t matter if it is a hello or goodbye, it’s a matter if it is a boy or a girl that is leaving the school.

Anyway, since the Teacher knows I used to bake a lot of cupcakes in our previous postings she asked me if I could bring some to school for the party and naturally I said yes. I made couple dozens vanilla cupcakes with some in buttercream frostings and some with chocolate ganache. Little Miss told me not to put any pink sprinkles on the boys cupcakes (yes, she is right). Below are some of the happy kiddos devouring yummy cupcakes made by yours truly


There were plenty of snacks, fruits and cakes. Druva’s Mom even brought her home made samosas which all the other Moms enjoyed. Then it’s time for class picture when I notice June, the very soft spoken girl that holding cupcake in this class picture


 she was still enjoying it while all her friends dancing and bouncing around




she absolutely made my day! 

Hello June, it’s nice to meet you. Goodbye Druva, wishing you all the best with the new school.

PS. here is the picture of the cupcakes that I brought to school