Thank You for the Versatile Blogger Award

What a nice surprise waking up on a weekend and receiving awards from my friend Irena of kidsfuninseoul, if I could nominate her back, I would, as her blog about living in Korea are well written and well photographed. Thank you for the honour, Irena dear, I gratefully accept it!

Now, it’s time to pass on the blog love, here are the rules:

* Thank the blogger who have nominated you and link back to their blog in your post.
* Share 7 things about yourself.
* Pass the award onto 7 other bloggers whose blogs you enjoy reading.
* Write to the bloggers you have nominated to let them know about the award.

Here are the 7 bloggers I nominate for the Versatile Blogger Award :

sierralei for wonderful cupcakes blog.
awriterslarder for mouthwatering recipe
jetplanesandcoffee for inspiring blog
mamahearmeroar for motherhood rants, I’m with you all the way!
wangtaitai for great shopping tips in Shanghai
thesubjectivist for beautiful dessert photos & recipe
mindysdeli my buddy in world wide web and real life (separated by continents)

And last but not least, 7 random facts about me :

– I love baking & cooking (being in the kitchen is therapeutic for me)

–  Afraid of heights.

–  Clean freak.

– LOVE spicy food, really do.

– A hopeless romantic.

– I have a soft spot for dog.

–  Can’t function without coffee.

There you go, thank you again for the honour and the support, I look forward to reading your blogs!