Solar Eclipse ~ 2012

My friend Darrel from Shanghai Exposed photography club invited the group to capture this rare annular solar eclipse at The Bund, Puxi side of Shanghai on early Monday morning (May 21). Unlike a total eclipse, which occurs when the moon passes directly in front of the Sun to block out the entire star, an annular eclipse covers only part of the Sun, producing what looks like a giant “ring of fire.” Those lucky skywatchers inside the 8,500-mile long and 186-mile wide “path of annularity” will see the ring phenomenon for roughly five minutes, according to the Associated Press.

The Eclipse will first be visible in southern China at 6:36 p.m. EDT, according to It will continue on its path of annularity over Hong Kong and parts of Japan and crossing the Pacific Ocean.

We meet-up at The Bund by the water near Waibadu bridge at 4.30 am, it was unexpectedly cold and windy! Nevertheless, set up our tripods and just waiting there patiently for the rare moment to occur. I didn’t have ND Filter for my camera lens nor sunglasses, silly me (it was 4 am when I leave the house, who need sun glasses when its pitch black outside *grin). Finally the sun rise around 5.30 and all the sky-gazer were staring at the horizon, Mr Golden Sun was very bright with lot’s of clouds making it so difficult to get a clear shot of the eclipse. I try to capture the moment at my best ability, but man that was one awesome sighting, I am so glad I was there to see it with my own eyes. The next annular event will be another 10 years or so (the last previous one was 18 years ago!).

Enjoy the photos.

Pudong Skyline at 4.30 am


Golden Water

The Eclipse has started

Can you spot the annular solar eclipse?

Closer look

It’s over, but still an amazing sight