Poppies Blooming

During my younger years living in Bali,  I dreamt about having a picnic near poppy fields, thanks to Monet painting “Les Coquelicots” in one of the book that I read in those days. He tainted my imagination with such a beautiful inspiration. But living in the tropic means not a chance.

I haven’t had a thought about Poppies fields until recently when I did my morning routine walk at the Century Park I saw rows after rows of Poppies blooming, I was overjoyed! My childhood dream about to come true!!! On my way back home I was composing my imaginary shot in my head, so looking forward to bring my camera and capturing those beauties.

Unfortunately, the next day it was drizzling all day and my photo opportunity was gone. Couple days later the sun is finally out and I decided to go back to the park with my camera sans picnic basket, I had a quick coffee at the breakfast lounge instead. Spent the whole morning admiring thousands of these beautiful flowers. I love the bright colours contrast between red, orange, pink, white and green, a feast to my eyes.

Without further ado, here are some of my favourite shots from the peaceful morning … enjoy.