Little Miss Splendid

Our daughter walked in with her school report earlier today, it is now official that Year 1 is over and she is going to Year 2 after Summer break.

I am so proud of her.

She spent 1 term of Year 1 in St Andrews, a British international school in Bangkok (was Class representative in Students Council, youngest kid in School Swimming squad, did very well in Math & Numeracy, spoke fluent Thai language) and 2 terms in British International School Shanghai (BISS) Pudong campus (excellent school report on both terms, especially math, reading, literacy and PE, starting to speak and sing in Mandarin fluently). It’s proven that shifting schools between terms are a piece of cake for her, she did a marvellous job no matter where she goes.

It is a real blessing to have a child that is very social and independent which made relocating a breeze. Due to my husband work we have been living in 3 different countries the last 6 years, so far she has been to 5 different international schools (and counting).  Being an only child made her strive to be liked, she needs her peers constantly, her play dates schedule on weekends are planned couple weeks in advance to ensure that she has a friend to play with on Saturday & Sunday since she got it all covered in school during weekdays. She loves her friends and they love her too.

Yes, she is our superstar, te quiero mucho Arielita.