Shanghai at Dusk

The last couple of days we’ve experienced clear blue sky and nice warm weather here in the city, such a rare treat. Ever since we arrived (around 7 months ago) this is the first time I see stars at night since the sky is smog-free, I am being honest. Also, I’ve been setting up my alarm at 6.30 pm daily to catch sunset shot from our balcony. It went very quickly though, less than 15 minutes which on the first attempt I actually miss it since I didn’t prepare my equipment earlier.

Being an Island girl, I want to have the perfect sunset shot just like the good old days back home in Bali, unfortunately I can’t have it here. It is way too bright before it dissapear behind the skyscraper. After several tries I am settled with these photos, they’re taken from 2 different balconies of our home, at dusk. Do double click on the photo to get larger image.

Afterwards Little Miss and I went out for a walk around our block, the temperature was pleasant, we love Shanghai summer.