Holiday Reading


The Omnia Library Zermatt

In my daughter school here in Manila, prior any school break the pupils (teachers, staffs and parents) were reminded to read a book or two whenever possible. The fun announcement on the last School Assembly with photos of random school students or teachers reading in some unusual place made us smile, and trust me, its very effective.

Nowadays I don’t have to carry a must read book for my Little Miss Tween, she naturally reads stuff during our travels. Last Summer during our trip to Switzerland on the Bernina Express train from Zermatt to Luzern, we had a few stops to change train so both her and my better half were looking for it on the map, you should listen to them  trying to pronounce the Train Station’s name in Swiss German, they were hilarious!

Then I saw her reading the Tale of the 3 Mountains in Diavolezza during our stay in St Moritz with the stunning Swiss Alps (Engadin) view in the background while waiting for our lunch to be served (the best Schnitzel in the region … yum!). Also during our one week stay in Zurich (to my surprise) she agreed to visit Kunsthaust Zurich (brilliant art museum, a must visit), since she’s keen in modern art she was following the museum guides carefully to make sure we don’t missed anything. The funniest thing that I noticed with her reading journey on this particular trip was at the Library of The Omnia Hotel where we’re staying in Zermatt. She’s reading New York Times newspaper every morning after breakfast, apparently its the only thing  available in English!

Anyway, now that we’re back in Manila to our routines she still reads in her free time, sometimes in between sport training ( I know, not very wise to read during gymnastics training on a balance beam but she arrived early and the Coaches were not there yet, haha). I believe reading shapes our mind so I’m grateful that she’s off her gadgets for a few moments and read  instead.

How about you, what is your preferred reading materials?