The last couple of years my daughter decided to join her school football team for her age group on top of School Swimming Squad snd Gymnastics Elite Squad that she’s already belongs too. My better half (being Argentinian) supported her decision with a big smile on his face meanwhile I’m juggling her daily schedule between school, tutor and the trainings. Weekends are the worst, she missed one too many birthday parties and as a family we nearly anti-social ( but we’re getting better nowadays!)

This weekend is the beginning of a few football festivals that her team were signed up by the school to attend, my daughter first time ever competing in Senior age group, Under 13. I activated action shot mode on my point and shoot camera prior the match and start clicking. Uploaded the photos just now and going through them leisurely I noticed my daughter getting more comfortable in the field, she handled the ball and hassled her opponents with passion. Her facial expression and her body language says it all, she loves the sport!

Mental note, I need to take video next time so she can review her performance.

Oh My!

I’m turning into a Soccer-Mum!