Stormy Day

It’s September and the rainy season has officially arrived. I remember vividly the first time we experienced Typhoon in Manila, it was August 2013 and my better half was out of the country for his Ironman race. Little Miss and I noticed the endless rainy day and the gusty wind but we didn’t think much of it. We went to school as usual to find a HUGE sign at the entrance saying that school was CLOSED for the day! That took us by surprise indeed, something terrible must have happened. Later on when I watched the News on the telly I found out it was Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) that hit the Philippines, my gosh!

Now that we know better, we watched the weather forecast closely during the – BER month (September, October, November & December), we’ve got rain jackets, brollie and slipper ready in the car (if I need to run errands I’ve got my boots on since most streets are normally flooded!) but I must admit rainy day is the best photo ops  for street photography. There’s something about the raindrops and the reflection on the ground that made everything just extra ordinary.

For my Little Mermaid, stormy day means no swimming practice after school hence she got to go for a stroll with me, win win.