Salcedo Savvy


Spent my Saturday morning in Salcedo Market,  my go-to-place in Makati whenever I need certain ingredients for my Balinese cooking. Today I definitely got more than what I was looking for, to begin with the whole morning was overcast with a chance of thunderstorm thus I’ve got my light raincoat, a few shopping bags and comfy shoes on. It’s almost lunch time when I entered the market hence I started from the main entrance anti clockwise therefore I can hit the fresh produce vendors first then end up at the food vendors last (my daughter has special request, I’m gonna make sure it’s still warm when she open the package at home). With that in mind I started walking and looking around, within 5 minutes I had my phone out of my pocket and start snapping photos.  Grey sky, colourful produce, the market hustling and bustling, smoke effect, whats not to like!

In the mean time I bought fresh cassava (Montad Chuame, the Thai dessert in mind), organic carrots, radish, lemon grass, native chillies, Bangkok green mangoes (I’m jumping with joy here!), white corn, fresh cassava leaves (first time ever seeing it in the market), virgin coconut oil, fresh basil, mints, ginger and my shoulders slowly feeling the weight of my multiple bags, I know it’s time to go to the food vendor.

In my list I wrote Cebu Lechon (I’m planning to make Pesan Be Guling, spicy Balinese baked cassava leaves with roasted pork) and Ineng’s BBQ (Little Miss favourite, skewered pork BBQ Philippino style), both stalls were fairly busy, I waited around 10 minutes which was great for people watching. Below image is Ineng’s BBQ in the making.


Afterwards I can’t resists the flower stalls on my way out, they were all so pretty! In the end, I walked to my car with several potted plants a few minutes later, mission accomplished.


In summary, I had a great day at the market, knowing exactly what I want and how to find it. Took me 3 years to get into this comfort zone, in the past many times I’ve got over excited with the fresh produce resulting with so many items that made me cooking non stop for the next couple of days, haha! Anyway, if you happen to be in Manila over the weekend I highly recommend a visit to Salcedo Market, its awesome for strolling, picture taking and you can enjoy food from all over the world. Also not forgetting the seasonal items (my fave is Christmas goodies in November & mid December!), bring cash and open mind, happy shopping!