Trekking Wawa Dam

A few months back one of the School Mum mentioned that we should do outdoor activity with our children to minimize screen time. Since most of our kids do some kind of sports she was suggesting to go to Wawa Dam area in Montalban for trekking. Wawa Dam is a gravity dam constructed over the Marikina River in the municipality of Rodriguez in Rizal province, Philippines (about an hour drive from Manila). We all agreed to go with kiddos on the first day of midterm break, logistics were arranged in a jiffy and the list of food contributions were enough to feed a small army.

Fast forward on the day, we  left home early morning and I noticed it’s sprinkling all the way to Rizal, didn’t think too much of it (actually part of me were glad it’s overcast, less humidity). But when we start the actual trekking I realized what the real problem is; muddy terrains!

Going up was do-able and fun, took us about an hour to reach the summit, kiddos were happy with challenging routes and I’m thankful for the fresh air and panoramic view. Descending was totally different game altogether, mud sliding was never my preferred choice but at some points I surrendered since there’s no better way haha! Kiddos on the other hand was having a blast racing each other sliding down, they’re out of our sight within minutes.

When I arrived at the bottom of the mountain I saw them all playing by the stream, less muddy but all wet (and hungry!).  Lunch were set up by the creek,  small huts with table and chairs  scattered around the mini waterfall and I’m glad we brought enough food, everyone was famished.

Overall experience, VERY GOOD, we would love to go back preferably not on a rainy season. Anyway, some photos from our trip below, enjoy!