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Science & Technology Museum Shanghai

It’s located at No. 2000 of the Century Avenue (Shiji Dadao) and in my humble opinion, it is one impressive building. Last summer, my daughter and I went to Science World in Vancouver,… Continue reading

Celebration of Life

My first time introducing Indonesian Food to our friends in Shanghai, it takes 2 weeks for me to go around the city to find the ingredients but it was worth every second since… Continue reading

Home is Where Your Heart is

After 2 months living from 6 suitcases in this amazing serviced residences we finally have our container in front of our door. One full week of opening boxes later (2 days with the… Continue reading

Daddy & Daughter Diamond Ball

It’s a fun school event, My daughter & Hubby went for a lovely evening out while I have a 2 hour cleansing massage at the spa, win win solutions 🙂 Little Miss was… Continue reading

Funky Hair Day

My 6 years old was reminding me daily for almost a week about this school event, she said ” Mami, I want pretty hair-do please.” I know exactly what I will do to… Continue reading

Temporary Kitchen

Our current service apartment kitchen is really excellent (oven, microwave, electric stove, dishwashing machine and spacious too) but it lack personality. That is right, my container is almost in Shanghai so hopefully soon… Continue reading

Let It Snow

Its been really cold the last couple of days and I’ve been looking out through our windows every morning if there is a hint of snowy day but no luck. Until suddenly today… Continue reading

Little Super Star

Little Miss came home with this paper that said ; A note from my teacher Ariel has won my “Star Pupil” award for consistently good work, well done! Ms. French-Paris I am so… Continue reading

Sunday at Century Park

“Good morning Mami, look its sunny outside, let’s go to the park!” That was my daughter excitedly came to my bedroom with her demand of the day. After several rainy days finally we… Continue reading

30 Days

That’s how long we’ve been calling Shanghai home. It felt like forever by now. Everyone has fast pace in this city made everyday goes by in lightning speed. We’ve been through 2 New… Continue reading