Packed, Unpacked and Settling Down

Hello from Shanghai!

Latest update from us, we’ve shifted from the hotel to our “home”.

We’ve been apartment hunting since mid of June here in Pudong area, found a great place just across the street from the hotel with an amazing view of the park and Pudong skyscraper (will upload pictures soon, it’s a promise). Cut the story short, we put an offer to the owner and the unit is available by 2nd week of July. Must say that we are lucky, the whole process went pretty smooth for Shanghai standard.

Anyway, it took me a week to sorted out items that I don’t want the movers to pack for us in the old home, 2 days for the movers to shift all our belongings from the old place to the new place while we stay in (another) hotel room. Then 3 days to re-arrange the furnitures in our new place, set up the storage, get internet & cableTV, etc. at last … we are HOME.

In the meantime, Little Miss still managed to have her summer holiday wish fulfilled, she has endless play dates (at some point went mad with face painting & temporary tattoo!), plenty of splish splash fun at the swimming pool, lot’s of shopping and several trips to IKEA. She loves IKEA (just like her Mami haha),we told Little Miss that she can choose any bunk bed for her new room, got her pink swivel chair for her study and also mini cactus as her new pet, definitely an excellent start to get settle in our new place for her. Below are some pictures of Little Miss Happy taken with my iPhone.

Alright, that is all for now, we are off for bike ride and food shopping, have a great week everyone.