Motorized Dragon Boat at The Kerry Hotel

Duanwu Jie, a traditional and statutory holiday fall on every fifth day of the fifth month of the Chinese lunar calendar, also called Double Fifth, is originating in China and celebrated with combination of dragons, spirits, loyalty, honor and food—some of the most important traditions in Chinese culture. The festival’s main elements are racing long, narrow wooden boats decorated with dragons and eating sticky-rice balls wrapped in bamboo leaves, called zongzi. This year, the closest place to watch the Dragon boat race near Shanghai is in Suzhou River, between the Gubei Lu Bridge and the Luding Lu Bridge. 

We didn’t go to see the dragon boat race to Suzhou this time around but we went to see the second best, motorized dragon boat at the Kerry Hotel lobby. The Hotel management (Kerry Krew) went to neighbourhood Police Department, Local Hospital and Fire Department to hand out a nice lunch to people that is working and away from their families on this holiday. It was another rainy day in Shanghai but the “Dragon Boat” surely bring smiles to everyone near it.

Little Miss had the privilege to go up on the “boat” and beat the massive drum in the back of it for couple of minutes, FUN!