Summer Holiday is ON

No more continuous early morning alarms for the next 60 days for me, huurraayy!

To mark the first day of summer holiday Little Miss and I were staying-in late (well, in bed for me, colouring in playroom for her) followed by late breakfast (uhm, 9-ish) at the hotel club lounge. We’ve got our energy level up so we decided to went out for a nice 5K bike ride around Century Park, initially she wants to venture out to other part of the neighbourhood near the canal but I told her we will do it another day since we have plenty of time to explore ahead of us.

Then we went back home to cool off, she grab her Nintendo DS, right away playing game with her cycling gears on, doesn’t want to waste a single minute of freedom 🙂

Her current favourite game is Dora’s Adventure, every now and then I hear her blurted out some Spanish words to me in between her game playing “Mami,  zanahorias is carrots!” or  “Pepino is cucumber!” etc, funny girl. I love to have her around, the house is much more alive when she’s bouncing around in between game playing, sketching (she is a budding artist) and singing, endlessly.

The highlight of the day for her is no bedtime curfew. I let her stay up later than the normal school days evening so she can spend time with her Papi too.  We still have our early dinner as usual around 6 pm but this time around since it’s Friday and the Upper Deck is open I let her play at the outdoor playground till 7 pm. She brought her skipping rope and ask me to take a picture of her, Aunty Inez, we are thinking of you.

Then she show me her latest trick on the bouncing castle, a forward roll!

She did it more than 10 times for me since the low lighting made me miss capturing her move but I definitely will sign her up for Gymnastic class school ECA in the next term, she’s a natural!

Still high on energy, to end the evening, she went swimming with her Papi and here I am exhausted, sitting by the pool side made me re-think about the school break. I have to keep up and stay fit to survive the holiday, wish me luck.