Somtam Thai

Got my Thai food craving fulfilled at The Cook today thanks to their current Thai food promotion. Khun Suksan, the visiting Thai Chef made me spicy Somtam Poramai (mixed fruit) with lots of priki nu (bird eye chili), if I close my eyes I could be in Bangkok for a moment, it was heavenly. Next week he will conduct Thai cooking lesson in the Kerry Hotel and I did register to attend it, more authentic Thai food to enjoy in Shanghai, yaaayyy!

In Bangkok, you can find Somtam stall anywhere, from a hole in the wall to the fancy one in beautiful restaurant. Somtam is Thai salad consists of crunchy fruits and vegetables with delicious dressing made of chili, tomato, fish sauce, crushed peanuts, etc. Somtam itself means “sour pound” which means all ingredients got mixed together in mortar and pestle. The best somtam experience for Little Miss (although she didn’t get to eat any, since she is severely allergic to nuts) is in Salathip restaurant at Shangri-La Bangkok,the restaurant team has a unique way to prepare and serve somtam Thai, if you order “Somtum Rock and Roll” from the menu this is what you will get :

Within the 2 years that we reside in Bangkok my husband and I developed our own liking towards Somtam, his favorite is bamboo shoot somtam and mine is corn somtam. Among several visit to Chatuchak Market (or JJ as the local calls it, it is the largest market bazaar in Asia, only open on Saturday and Sunday) I saw this lady selling Somtam to stalls owner and visitor, she has her wares on 2 large baskets and transporting them around with carrying pole, freshly made Somtam at your footstep. Unfortunately I didn’t dare to give it a try at that time, it must be aroy maak (delicious, in Thai language), yummy.